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  • Software Vendors & Consultancies

    Start your search for the right company to help with your SharePoint and Office 365 development and projects here.
  • SharePoint Apps

    Looking for fantastic SharePoint Apps either for on-premises or online? See all the apps listed here..
  • Best .PST and .OST Converters and Tools

    .PST, .OST, Converters, Backups and Restore, File Spliting and other tools. ( Including other file types -  EDB, EML, TGZ, NSF, PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, VCF, ICS)
  • SharePoint Add Ons

    Browse our list of SharePoint add ons that require very little or 'no-code' to improve the functionality of your SharePoint Intranets and sites. In this category you will find web parts, add ons, add ins, SAAS and WSPs for solutions such as mobile, forms, url shortening, file zipping, list roll-ups, charts, metadata classification, news tickers, staff/org directories, task management and much more.
  • Office 365 Migration Software

    Many businesses are migrating to Office 365 and this relies on tools to help you make the move quickly and easily. Moving your data from on-premises systems can be the biggest headache if not managed properly.
  • Document Management

    Find the best document management system (DMS) for your business. Compare options for PDF conversion, Document storage or Document lifecycles to help you choose the right one.
  • Windows Migration

    Find the best software and tools to help you migrate you Microsoft Windows version to the latest versions.
  • SharePoint Administration Tools

    IT Administrators will find the best tools here to help with SharePoint, Azure, Office 365 and Exchange and SQL Administration. If you like your admin you will find a tool in here!
  • Business Process Management (BPM)

    Search, find and choose the best business process management software (BPM) for SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and O365 here. 
  • Office 365 Backup Solutions

    Search our Office 365 Backup Solutions and never lose any data again. Many of the solutions work with SharePoint, Exchange and the wider Office 365 family.
  • Exchange Management Tools

    Browse our Microsoft Exchange Management Tools that will either work on-premises or in the Exchange Online. In this free directory you can find the best Exchange Management tools to help you achieve the following:
    • Sync On-Premises Exchange to the Exchange Online / Cloud
    • Reporting Tools allowing you to report on your Exchange mailboxes
    • Manage Meetings
    • Create E-Mail Signatures in bulk with ease
  • Web UI Controls

    If you are looking for a list of the best web, html 5, UI controls then this list is worthy of a look.
  • Top Collaboration Software

    If you are a looking for SharePoint collaboration features or a product to improve engagement, you can search and find the best collaboration software here. 
  • Office365 Administration Software

    Office 365 is changing and growing almost daily. If you leverage it in your organization then it's essential you find the right tools to help you administer it.
  • SharePoint Developer Tools

    Find the top products to help your SharePoint application lifecycle management. Anlayze your code, deploy, refactor and testing services. The tools listed in this section will really help you develop against SharePoint and save you serious effort!
  • Active Directory Management Software

    Do you run Active Directory either on-premises or in the Cloud? If so scan our directory to find the best software to help you manage, configure and migrate to Active Directory.
  • Site & Application Templates

    If you are looking for pre-built site and application templates for SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and online then this list is awesome. In here you will find a comprehensive list of site templates ranging from training portals, help desks, and customer service portals to learning, training and project management tracking. As with all our categories, if you know of a free or paid site template then please add it. This is similar to Microsoft's 'fabulous 40' but ranges across all vendors!
  • Automated Testing Software

    Find the top automated testing software products in our list. Go further and look for volume and unit testing tools to help in your development lifecycle. Some of these tools allow you automate your browser and some allow you scale and test your SharePoint solutions under load testing conditions. There's also a listing that allows you test your SOAP and REST API's. Don't let launch day be a flop by NOT testing!
  • Javascript & JQuery Frameworks

    Search for and find the best Javascript Frameworksfor your environment.
  • Human Resources (HR) Software

    Browse and find the top HR Software that integrates or works with SharePoint and/or Azure as well as the wider Office 365 family.
  • Web Analytics Tools

    Find the best web analytics solutions to support your organisation in our listing of top companies in the business.
  • Monitoring Software

    Browse our directory to find the best SharePoint and Office 365 Monitoring software. (If you have a product or services that allows administrators to monitor an aspect of Office 365, Azure or SharePoint please add it!
  • SharePoint Intranet Templates

    Looking for a great SharePoint Intranet Solutions ('Intranet In a Box') either for on-premises or online? The solutions listed here offer turnkey solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and online. The Intranet templates listed here offer a range of features including company news, mobile access, multi-lingual, forms, people directory, social collaboration and much more.
  • SharePoint Reporting Tools

    Finding the correct SharePoint Reporting Tool can be a challenge! The SharePoint Reporting Tools in this section solve common challenges, such as:
    • Create reports from SharePoint List data.
    • Create reports from SharePoint List data that's synchronised to SQL and then report on that.
    • Create reports about your SharePoint infrastructure.
    • Create reports within SharePoint where the data is stored elsewhere such as PowerBi.
    • Create charts /  KPI's to improve visualization of the data.
  • Social Collaboration Software

    Find the best workplace collaboration software products for your business here at the  
  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams Expertise
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    Using this category, you will find tools to make SharePoint learning a breeze. 
  • SharePoint Migration Tools

    Find, review and compare the best SharePoint migration tools allowing you to migrate data, sites and documents from on-premises to hybrid or online. The tools listed in this category are generally packed full of features and be sure to check out our comparison matrix on the SharePoint communuity.
  • Office 365

    Office 365 General services
  • SharePoint Workflow Tools

    Browse the SharePoint Workflow Tools category where you will find complete replacements for SharePoint Workflow as well as complimentary tools.
  • Server Management

    Choose from some of the top server management companies. Find the best hosting solutions for your SharePoint, Hybrid or Office 365 environment. 
  • SharePoint CRM Solutions

    SharePoint has the flexibility to be transformed into many different types of applications and this is proven in the CRM space as well. Many of the products and solutions in our CRM directory offer features such as contact management, BCC email inbox, document storage (for documents such as invoices and PO's), mobile access, workflow capabilities and of course the management of day to day customer activities such as meetings, calls, tasks and so on. Some of the solutions listed are full CRM systems and some help with some aspect of managing you customers in SharePoint.
  • SharePoint Project Management Tools

    If you are looking for SharePoint Project Management Tools then you've come to the right place. In this directory we've tools to solve the following problems:
    • Project Task Management and tracking
    • Portfolio Management
    • Gantt charts
    • Timesheet recording
  • Security and Encryption Software

    Find the best tools and software to keep your Windows, Office 365 and SharePoint data secure.
  • Infopath Forms Replacements

    Looking for an Infopath Forms replacement? We've listed 26 Forms Tools that can be used with SharePoint or Office 365 On-Premises / Online. Some of these tools extend the SharePoint List Forms control, some of them offer a designer that can be used from the browser and some of them offer the ability to fill forms in away from the office. Infopath isn't out of support until 2023, but if you want a long term Forms replacement then perhaps you should consider one of the tools listed below. TIP: For a fantastic video explaining the various options, watch "7 Infopath Alternatives and the potential of PowerApps"
  • Azure Administration Tools & Services

    Microsoft Azure is now the biggst Cloud provider in the world, but there's a lot of moving parts. Find the best products, services and tools to help you manage and administer Azure.
  • Training Companies

    Find a physical or online training company that offer best of breed SharePoint and Office 365 courses to help you learn.
  • Document Scanning Software

    As we gradually move to a fully electronic system for our documents, we are going to need products that allow us to scan paper-based forms, documents, records into SharePoint documents. The products in this category offer capabilities such as being able to scan documents and add metadata before being stored into a SharePoint document library. Some offer the ability to extract regions of the document using recognition as well as being able to process images.
  • Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 expertise
  • Records Management & eDiscovery Solutions

    Versions of SharePoint (at least upto SP2013) haven't offered fantastic capabilities with regards to Records Management. In most cases, larger, more heavily regulated organizations will look to 3rd party solutions to supplement SharePoint by offereing features such as document classification, disposition and archiving, discover, holds, auditing and much more. The products in this category can address some, or all of these issues. If you wish to see some of the limititations with regard to records management in SharePoint then consider reading this post.
  • Auto-Classification, Tagging & Search

    If you need to categorise and tag your SharePoint documents and content automatically based on your own taxonomy and metadata then you need a tool that works with SharePoint! The tools listed here all do a fantastic job of classifying and tagging your data either in the background or by helping you via the UI. This ensures that you can keep documents well organised and findable from within SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 or Office 365. This category also lists a number of products that improve on the out of the box SharePoint Search in ways such as personalising search results, configuring search results and incorporating a taxonomy.
  • Power Apps

    Power Apps Expertise
  • SharePoint Deployment Tools

    Work with a partner to refine your deployment plan or just engage with one of the companies in our list to provide you with an easy SharePoint deployment. Whatever your requirements are, use our list to find a the best company to help with your deployment.
  • SharePoint Task Management Tools

    If you are looking for SharePoint Task Management Tools then you've come to the right place. In this directory we've tools to solve the following problems:
    • Staff Task Management and tracking
    • Employee task tracking for compliance reasons
    • Project Management Tracking
    • Kanban boards (like Trello)
    • Planners
  • PDF Tools

    If you want to convert, create or manage your PDF documents then this directory will give you some fantastic products to become more productive with PDF.
  • SharePoint & Office 365 Conferences

    Discover the best SharePoint & Office 365 conferences from all around the world. Some conferences are free, some conferences are paid. Are we missing a SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure conference? If so please add it to the site.
  • GRC Governance, Risk and Compliance

    Governance, Risk and Compliance is a huge area to make sure you get right in your organization. Most of the time you need software to make the process of staff compliance much easier. These tools are all worth a look!
  • Policy Management Software

    Find, review and compare the best policy management software that runs on SharePoint and Office 365 on-premises, hybrid and also online.
  • ETL Tools

    Whichever part of the process you are working on, you will find the top SharePoint Extract, Transform & Load products here to help you. Some solutions will do part of this process for you, some will do all of it. You will find options here to support your business. 
  • User Management and Extranets

    Making a SharePoint Extranet or want to manage your SharePoint users, the products here should help choose the best fit for your SharePoint user management requirements.
  • SharePoint Help Desk Software

    Compare the best SharePoint Help desk & ticketing support software on our free directory. The help desk products work SharePoint on-premises or online in Office 365. Browse our list to help turn SharePoint into a great help desk, ticketing and self service portal. When you combine the power of SharePoint's collaboration and documentation features, with a purpose built help desk ... that's some real power! We've solutions from CrowCanyon, SPMarketplace, HarePoint and more software vendors.
  • SharePoint Email Management Software

    Check out our list of Email management software that integrates with SharePoint (and/or Office 365) into your favorite email clients such as Outlook. The tools in this category offer features such as the ability to automatically attach a SharePoint document without leaving the client. Some also offer the ability to automatically store your emails into a SharePoint document library. If you haven't got an e-mail solution for SharePoint, these are well worthy of a look!
  • Survey and Quiz Software

    Search and find the best survey or quiz software products for SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and online. Check for the right survey apps that are compatible with your version of SharePoint and choose an option to fit your business.
  • SharePoint

    SharePoint Expertise
  • Azure

    Azure expertise
  • Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 Expertise
  • SharePoint Mobile Products

    Browse and review the best mobile solutions to help make your SharePoint environment social and mobile friendly. Expand your sites reach, collaborate and share, thats where these companies and products can help.
  • SharePoint Digital Signature Products

    Find, compare and rate SharePoint Digital Signature software products. These products all integrate with SharePoint on-premises and / or SharePoint Online (in Office 365)
  • OneDrive Management Tools

    Our OneDrive Management Tools section lists tools to help migrate, maintain and administer OneDrive for Business.
  • Gamification Software

    Give badges and rewards to staff by turning your SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office 365 environment into a gamification platform with support from these products and companies.
  • Power BI

    Power BI expertise
  • Office 365

    Office 365 Expertise
  • Contextual Help Systems

    This section offers solutions and services to help you use SharePoint more effectively. You will find vendors offering ways to make your Office365, SharePoint 2013, 2010 and environment multilingual, as well as ways to improve accessibility and usability (through easy to use Help systems and solutions).
  • SharePoint Multilingual Software

    Is your SharePoint 2013 environment multilingual? Can you share content in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and so on? If not, or you are looking for 2010 or Office 365 solutions, you will find the best options here.
  • Power Automate

    Power Automate expertise
  • SharePoint Events

    Looking for great SharePoint events? This list will help you choose.
  • Office Desktop

    Office Desktop - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook - expertise