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May 20, 2020 7:08 pm

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    So much more than navigation. Does a beautiful job of connecting platforms and information!

    Navo has been invaluable in both my personal use and in my SharePoint and Office 365 consulting work. I'm glad that Navo offers a free trial... because it's so flexible, you really need the chance to set it up and play around with it to understand how it can benefit your company or project. In my personal use, the Navo feature I've found most useful is the ability to press "N + Tab" while in my internet browser and find all of my company's resources that have been added to Navo. Fuzzy search and keywords make it a LOT easier to find things in Navo than the other tools we use... for example, if I search "food" or "meal" our "Lunch and Learn" menu item will come up. There are so many different platforms and pages that our company uses and Navo does an excellent job bringing them together in a way that feels natural to me and not like yet another step/tool added to my day. In terms of my SharePoint/Office 365 consulting work, Navo has been invaluable for migrations to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. I've found the best results when Navo is introduced to an organization as the first step of a migration. By adding a company's existing resources to Navo and rolling it out before any information is migrated, people become familiar with using Navo as their one-stop shop to find their stuff. Once data is moved, the links in Navo just need to be swapped to point to the new locations and it's a far less painful experience overall. The security trimming feature is awesome for pilot projects that might need to be kept hidden from other departments or levels of staff until a decision is made. Navo is so much more than a navigation tool and is absolutely worth trying. Reach out to the team if you need help with strategy or implementation!