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Dig deep and get in-depth customizable reports for your complex needs on security, administration and management reporting. Reporting direct and indirect group memberships with a variety of additional options to report on Accounts, searching on specific permissions, reporting delegated rights, reporting who has access to what and who can perform critical actions etc.

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Benefit #1

Displays information giving details about both user and computer accounts. The report updates the administrators on the login status of Accounts by providing data like the Last Login, Object details, Security & Auditing details, Profiles, Personally Identifiable Information like address, phone numbers, etc. and important data like all the permissions assigned to the account.

Benefit #2

Reports about accounts that have been inactive for ‘n’ number of days, like users whose last logon is less than 90 days. Administrators can specify the period of inactivity to determine which accounts to include in their report. All accounts with last login within this period are displayed.

Benefit #3

Reports about the types of permissions granted to Users, Computers and Groups. The administrator has the choice of filtering / selecting the types of permission he wishes to see about various accounts.

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