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conceptClassifier for SharePoint generates compound term metadata, auto-classifies content to taxonomies, and eliminates end user tagging.

Available as an Add-in it supports all versions of SharePoint On-premises. Real-time bidirectional population of term sets improves accuracy, reduces maintenance, and the costs of manual entry. Designed as a reusable enterprise framework that improves search, enforces compliance, delivers intelligent migration, provides proactive identification of security exposures, and secure collaboration.

Key Features

The platform is an infrastructure component providing real-time read/write capabilities with the term store. Classification on upload, workflows, and content type updating are easily implemented. Developed as deploy once, utilize multiple times, it can be integrated with any SharePoint or .Net application.

  •  Open architecture with all APIs based on XML and Web Services.
  • Automatic generation of multi-term metadata, as well as keywords, entity extraction, acronyms (Unique)
  • Concept mapping, relationship identification, auto-clue suggestion (Unique), immediate feedback on taxonomy changes without re-indexing corpus (Unique)
  • Ability to generate and classify content from diverse internal and external repositories including those residing outside of SharePoint
  • Simultaneous native updating of the SharePoint Term Store (Unique)
  • Powerful, highly interactive taxonomy tools designed for the Subject Matter Expert (Unique)
  • Template architecture for rapid deployment, automatically maintains GUID’s across environments.
  • Provides transparent access to system internals including statistical profile of terms
  • Available as a Microsoft Add-in all environments

Key Benefits

Concept based searching requires no end user training, provides navigation by taxonomy hierarchy, and supports multiple search methods. In any project that uses metadata you will experience improved outcomes, reduced effort and time, and rapid deployment.

  • Eliminates manual tagging
  • Enables hybrid and concept based searching
  • Facilitates records management and eliminates noncompliance
  • Protects record integrity throughout the individual document lifecycle
  • Intelligently migrates content
  • Assists in the migration of content by identifying records as well as content that should have been archived, contains sensitive information, or should be deleted
  • Enables data cleansing for text analytics
  • Detects and automatically secures unknown privacy exposures
  • Enhances eDiscovery, litigation support, and FOIA

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Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2007
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
OneDrive for Business
Website Url www.conceptsearching.com
Company Name Concept Searching
Product / Service Page Url Visit Link Here
Sales Phone Number +1 703 531 8567
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Benefit #1

Eliminate unproductive and manual end user tagging and the support required by business units and IT and educe hardware expansion costs due to scalability and performance features.

Benefit #2

Rapidly integrated with any SharePoint or any .Net application. Maintained by Subject Matter Experts, reducing the cost of external resources and Deployed once, utilized multiple times.

Benefit #3

Reduces data exposures, remediation, litigation, fines and sanctions, and the transport of secure assets. Performs intelligent migration identifies documents of record and improves search regardless of search engine.

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