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conceptClassifier for Office 365 generates compound term metadata, auto-classifies content to taxonomies, and eliminates end user tagging.

Available as an Add-in, it supports all versions of SharePoint Online and Office 365 including the Government cloud. It enables management of unstructured content by enforcing enterprises’ compliance policies in the cloud. Used for search, migration, identifying and securing sensitive information, and in the automatic declaration of documents of record, effective management of unstructured content can be easily achieved and managed.

Key Features

Compound term processing identifies concepts that are highly correlated to particular topics. These keywords, multi-word fragments and compound terms result in automatically generated intelligent metadata. Used in applications that require metadata, outcomes are highly accurate, because the ambiguity in single words is no longer an issue.

  • Open architecture with all APIs based on XML and Web Services
  • Technology framework that is installed once and re-used to improve business processes such as search, records management, migration, and data privacy
  • Simultaneous, real-time updating of the SharePoint Online, On-premises Term Store, and conceptTaxonomyManager (Unique)
  • Auto-classifies content regardless of where it resides
  • Enables concept based searching using enterprise search, supports hybrid search
  • Powerful, highly interactive taxonomy tools designed for the Subject Matter Expert (Unique)
  • Template architecture for rapid deployment, automatically maintains GUID’s across environments

Key Benefits

Managing a cloud environment has many benefits, but also drawbacks. Organizations are vulnerable to data breaches, noncompliance, and the list goes on. Leveraging your metadata is the worry free solution for information governance in the cloud.

  • Eliminates manual tagging automating the process with compound term metadata
  • Enables hybrid and concept based searching
  • Provides automatic declaration of documents of record and eliminates noncompliance
  • Intelligently migrates content from SharePoint to the cloud as well as from file stores and diverse repositories
  • Enables data cleansing for intelligent migration and text analytics
  • Detects and automatically secures unknown privacy exposures in real-time as content is created or ingested
  • Enhances eDiscovery, litigation support, and FOIA through the ability to identify concepts and inter-related content that typically would not be found

Why You Need conceptClassifier for Office 365

Office 365 provides a wealth of benefits, specifically to large enterprises. Clients are embracing conceptClassifier for Office 365 because it is the only product available in the market that delivers a comprehensive solution for Office 365. conceptClassifier for Office 365 was designed to mirror the functionality in Concept Searching’s award winning conceptClassifier for SharePoint and solve the same challenges. A client with over 170,000 global users of Office 365 and SharePoint needed to address migration, records identification, data privacy, search, and enterprise wide information governance. conceptClassifier for Office 365 was the only product available that could address all their requirements.

  • Office 365 has no ability to automatically create and store classification metadata
  • Office 365 has no auto-classification capabilities
  • Office 365 has no ability to provide intelligent migration capabilities based on the semantic metadata within content, identify previously undeclared documents of record, unidentified privacy exposures, or information that should be archived or deleted
  • Office 365 has no ability to maintain GUIDs during migration
  • Office 365 has no ability to generate semantic metadata and surface it to the Office 365 search engine to improve search results
  • Office 365 has no ability to automatically tag content with vocabulary or retention codes for records management
  • Office 365 cannot identify organizationally defined confidential or data privacy information and automatically secure it from unauthorized access
  • Office 365 has limited ability without the structure to provide granular identification of people, content recommendations, and organizational knowledge assets to finely tune social networking applications

Leveraging Your Cloud Investment

  • Eliminates traditional migration issues resulting in the intelligent migration of all content and the development of an enterprise metadata repository
  • Reduces support requirements across on-premise and cloud environments
  • One technology platform to address all content management challenges in a hybrid or cloud environment
  • Does not require highly trained specialists, outside resources, nor knowledge of any programming language
  • Easily integrated with business processes using conceptTaxonomyWorkflow
  • Synchronizes the SharePoint Term Store across cloud and on-premise environments in real time
  • Rapidly deployed
  • Highly scalable
  • Taxonomies can be managed by Subject Matter Experts

 Leveraging Your Business Investment

  • Delivers intelligent migration capabilities eliminating budget over-runs and end user testing, and minimizes resources and time needed to accomplish objectives
  • Automatically enforces information governance enterprise wide
  • Reduces corporate risk and costs associated with eDiscovery
  • Protects confidential and privacy information regardless of how it was ingested, and optionally in real-time
  • Ensures all records are declared regardless of where they reside or how they were ingested
  • Adaptable to meet compliance and industry/federal mandates transparently to the end users
  • Improves the search experience across environments
  • Enables concept based searching
  • Eliminates end user tagging, ensuring content integrity is maintained throughout the enterprise
Video: Hybrid Integration across SharePoint on-premises, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business https://youtu.be/AtwCgh7AbIw

Supported Platforms
SharePoint Online
Office 365
OneDrive for Business
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Benefit #1

Automatically enforces information governance enterprise wide
Reducing corporate risk and costs associated with eDiscovery and
Protecting confidential and privacy information regardless of how it was ingested in real-time

Benefit #2

Improves the search experience across environments, enabling concept based searching whilst eliminating end user tagging, ensuring content integrity is maintained throughout the enterprise

Benefit #3

Works with conceptClassifier for Hybrid search to deliver a true Hybrid unified search experience across SharePoint Online, On premises and File Shares, maintaining GUIDS across dispersed platforms.

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