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InfoPath Replacement Manager helps organize and track form conversions from InfoPath to a modern solution.

The impetus to move off InfoPath is growing. Microsoft stopped development of InfoPath back in 2013 and will end mainstream support in July 2021. At many companies, the conversation is moving from asking “Should we move off InfoPath?” to “We need to move right away!”

The InfoPath Replacement Manager helps organize and track InfoPath form conversions. Each form replacement becomes a project that is easily managed from the initial discovery phase through the form recreation process to the implementation of the new form. The Manager guides each step of the way, with sub-tasks, approvals, status checks, alerts and notifications, custom actions, and more, so that the team stays fully engaged and on track.

Learn How to Move Off InfoPath
Our FREE eBook outlines a smooth transition away from InfoPath and toward a modern workplace solution. The basic process is this: Find out what InfoPath forms are in use at your company. Then, review the forms and decide which ones need to be converted. You will want to test different options to see which one provides the best options and ease-of-use. Consider how new, modern technologies can be implemented to improve the form and its processes. www.crowcanyon.com/infopath-replacement/ebook/

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Benefit #1

Easy, no-code and efficient solution to moving off InfoPath and move to modern forms and workflows

Benefit #2

Retain all your current functionality by keeping you organized and tracking your form conversions from InfoPath to a modern solution.

Benefit #3

Ijntegratre with with Crow Canyon NITRO Studio, a sophisticated forms and workflow creation platform for both SharePoint on-premises (2013, 2016, & 2019) and Microsoft Office 365

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  • Crow Canyon Software InfoPath Form Replacement Tracker Tool

    Crow Canyon Software's InfoPath Replacement Manager is a great tool to keep you on task and track with your InfoPath Replacement Project. It allowed us to investigate and evaluate the InfoPath Forms we were going to convert to Modern Forms with NITRO Studio, and eliminate the InfoPath Forms that were no longer relevant.
  • InfoPath Replacement Manager works great

    InfoPath Replacement Manager works great for replacing outdated InfoPath forms. I especially found your eBook to be a useful guide to moving off InfoPath: https://www.crowcanyon.com/infopath-replacement/ebook/