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Easy to use and prebuilt Office 365 and SharePoint Project Management Tool that allows you to bring transparency across projects. Allowing you to easily track, budget, measure status, tasks, and resources to keep your projects on task all within your Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint environment.

* Comprehensive view of all projects
* Track cost, hours, resources, and issues for every project
* Manage tasks, identify issues, track progress
* Mobile friendly & modern design
* Customizable to fit your specific needs
* Easy communication among all parties
* Robust reporting and management tools
* Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
* Available in Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019
* Powered by NITRO Studio Forms & Workflows

Transparency Across All Projects
The Project Manager dashboard lets you easily track progress, budget, status, tasks, and resources for every project. Drill-down into each project to get the details you need to manage the most efficient outcome.

Measure and Track Projects
Agile reporting works with Excel, Power BI, NITRO Reporting and other reporting tools. Easily generate Sprint Reports, Gantt Charts, KPI and Burndown Reports.

Approval Workflows Adapted to Your Needs
The Project Manager workflow can have simple or complex approvals. It can be as simple as approvals by Project Type, Project cost, or Project Department.

Microsoft Preferred Partner, Charter Member of Microsoft 365 Business Applications Partner Program Easy to use, no-code application creation studio gives you the tools to unleash the power of Office 365 and SharePoint.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Company Name Crow Canyon Systems
Twitter Account @crowcanyonsw
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Sales Phone Number 1-925-478-3110
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Benefit #1

Increase efficiency, productivity and ease by allowing you to easily track progress, budget, status, tasks, and resources for every project

Benefit #2

​Save time building out complicated project plans with task and document templates

Benefit #3

Ensure timeliness with approval and notification approvals

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  • Crow Canyon's Project Manager

    It's great how Crow Canyon's Project Manager utilizes the power of Office 365 and SharePoint, a platform you have already invested in. It saves you from building a SharePoint site from scratch. This out-of-the-box application gets you up and running in just hours to run your projects. It integrates with Microsoft Teams and Chatbots as well.