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Boost Cross Site Collection/Web Application Aggregation Performance!

Organizations with multiple site-collections/web applications face a major challenge when trying to process real- time queries across the SharePoint farm. Frustrated end-users are waiting forever for the results to be displayed, while system administrators are busy with managing resources overload such as memory and CPU.
KWizCom’s Enterprise Aggregation Caching Feature is a smart server-based solution, that enables end-users to run extensive queries with quick response time and minimal load on your SharePoint Front End servers.

By executing cross web application queries and storing the results in a farm-level cache, the data becomes accessible to Web Parts that display results. You can use the KWizCom List Aggregator Web Part (Professional Edition), or other custom web parts that can connect to the farm-level cache by using KWizCom’s public API.
Once the Enterprise Aggregation Caching Feature is deployed, you can easily run real-time queries of hundreds of lists, located in multiple web applications, each with over thousands of items – the result will be displayed in just few seconds without adding unnecessary server load or sacrificing end-user productivity!

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
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Benefit #1

Enable configuring and running cross site collection and
cross web application queries; enable end-users to manually refresh the Aggregation cache

Benefit #2

Execute aggregations by a central job that can be deployed on an
application server (instead of running real-time aggregations that
consume the WFE servers' resources)

Benefit #3

Cache aggregation results on a farm-level cache; cache accessible through API for custom web part to use

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