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Easily configure field-validation rules to enforce input patterns according to your required form logic: email, field length, ID, value ranges and any other custom pattern using regular expressions!
By using a simple and intuitive settings page you can quickly configure dynamic validation rules.

Validate column types that cannot be validated by SharePoint:
There are column types that SharePoint does not validate. These include: Lookup and Person column types.
With the Field Constraints feature you can validate any field type.

Validate against fixed and dynamic values:
You can compare your field value to fixed values/ranges or to values of other fields in your form.

Validate custom patterns using Regular Expressions:
Need to validate a custom patterns such as email, social security number or credit card number? Not a problem!
You can validate any custom pattern by simply using regular expressions and saving your new custom validation rule in a S.C repository to be used by other site owners.

Add logic to your forms with Dynamic Validation Rules:
SharePoint enables you to configure static constraints, such as making sure a mandatory field is not empty.
However, in real web forms, many times your validation rules need to change depending on the current item’s context, so, for example, you might need to make sure a certain field is not empty, depending on the value of another field. These type of rules are Dynamic validation rules which add sense to your forms.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
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Benefit #1

Validate Lookup and Person columns; validate a field value comparing to a regular expression

Benefit #2

Manage and share custom validation rules across your organization

Benefit #3

Dynamic validation rules: validation rules that are conditionally applied, depending on values of other fields

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