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Formotus offers two alternatives for InfoPath users: (1) Enhance your InfoPath forms with advanced mobile features, or (2) Create modern new cloud-mobile forms online. Either way you get powerful forms that work offline like apps on iOS, Windows and Android devices.

Option 1: Enhance InfoPath. Formotus lets you extend the useful life of your investment by adding mobile features that InfoPath doesn’t offer:

* Add custom controls for capturing photos, signatures, GPS, barcodes and more right in your forms.

* Upload your forms and deploy them to users to control exactly who has access in real time.

* Fill the forms in offline-optimized mobile ‘InfoPath Filler’ apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Option 2: Supplant InfoPath. The Formotus online form creator has a lot in common with InfoPath Designer — similar controls, similar XML files to SharePoint libraries, SOAP and REST support, etc. But the Formotus creator is young and dynamic. We’re rapidly adding features that InfoPath will never have, including:

* Browser-based form creation.

* Data connections not just to SharePoint but to Google Sheets, Salesforce, JSON web services and more.

* Innovative controls such as Repeating Photo, which submits photos to a data store and saves linked thumbnails in the form.

No Need to Decide. Either way you create your forms, they all run side-by-side in the same Formotus mobile apps. You can migrate gradually, for example, by mobilizing your existing InfoPath forms while starting new projects in the online creator.  

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Company Name Formotus
Twitter Account @formotus
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Benefit #1

Enhance InfoPath forms with mobile capabilities: work offline, capture photos, signatures, barcodes, GPS and more.

Benefit #2

Create modern cloud-mobile forms online with data connections to SharePoint lists and libraries, Google Sheets, Salesforce, JSON and more.

Benefit #3

Migrate seamlessly from InfoPath at your own pace. Supplant InfoPath gradually with the Formotus online form creator. InfoPath-based forms and Formotus forms run side-by-side in Formotus mobile apps.

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