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Intranetbee is the world’s No.1 innovative intranet platform that works with Microsoft teams, SharePoint, Office365, and Microsoft Viva. Intranetbee is the first company to build an Intranet for Microsoft teams using Viva connections from Microsoft. Intranetbee has the world’s advanced intranet builder and content management meaning that you can build an intranet within 1 hour. Intranetbee has features like Policy and procedure, Leave management, Community, HR and Marketing, and Help desk. Our business process automation tools such as project management, employee arrival, business apps, business charts, meeting room management, event management, tickets now, forms, and advanced document management systems are usable immediately upon deployment.

Intranetbee has hub sites, an amazing feature of the intranet, to bring together related sites to roll up news, to manage lists and documents from different sites, and simplified search. Intranetbee works with Microsoft teams and Viva connections meaning, we already built the platform for the future of the intranet. Are you ready to adopt Microsoft Viva and Microsoft teams?

If you find any intranet software which is advanced than Intranetbee then you will get our software for free Intranetbee has been carefully put together by Microsoft certified professionals based on the popular demands of 100’s of SharePoint-based intranet users. This means that Intranetbee is a platform that has been developed to eliminate most of the existing challenges that are common to most intranet solutions.

Intranetbee pushes the boundaries of SharePoint to its limits by simplifying certain configurations that could only be carried out by SharePoint professionals in the past. Activities like having non-SharePoint professionals create sites quickly and conveniently without needing to visit the site settings in SharePoint – a feature completely exclusive to Intranetbee.

Having your specific business needs handled by any intranet solution is also not a limitation to Intranetbee. Our easy-to-use and already-built platform are superbly customizable to fit varying business needs, thereby making them suitable for just about any industry.

The enterprising features of Intranetbee would be incomplete without the existence of its business apps. Intranetbee’s business apps are simply a collection of business tools developed to promote engagement, collaboration, communication, and productivity within any digital workspace. Intranetbee platform prevents organizations from trying to re-invent the wheel in building an intranet solution from the scratch by providing them with a ready-made intranet set-up. And if you are already running a SharePoint-based intranet in your workplace, Intranetbee can also be of help by allowing you to install specific apps based on your preference.

These unique and compelling features that make Intranetbee stand out are most capable of influencing working habits and making the execution of tasks more interesting and less frustrating for employees in any digital working

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Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2003
SharePoint 2007
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
Microsoft 365
Power Platform
Microsoft Skilled Freelancer
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Benefit #1

Intranet bee portal is developed by a team of world class SharePoint Developers and for you to maximize SharePoint and Office 365 use. You can experience, cutting-edge and collaborated environment for better communication within your organization

Benefit #2

Get up to 100 hours free custom development support from our technical team. We do this to help our customers accomplish most of their business requirements. Our custom free development support helps you save almost $10000 in customization. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Benefit #3

Of all the fantastic features of Intranetbee, the most eye-catching is its unique ability to allow users create sites in the most simplified manner - without visiting the site settings in SharePoint.

Deployment has never been an obstacle for us because Intranetbee has been known to be one of the fastest when deployed on Office 365 or SharePoint

Intranetbee is compatible with any version of SharePoint like SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint server 2019

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