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Are you or your staff missing sales opportunities or customer support deadlines? Do you know which sales you will make and when and are you aware of your support workload and performance? KasCuR PRO CRM will help you manage all this and more in a easy to use and cost effective way…

• Manage Companies, Contacts, Sales Opportunities and Customer Service
• Email notifications and workflow
• User Dashboards for Sales, Customer Service and Managers
• User Defined Fields
• Data Import Export
• Full Support and Maintenance

Manage Customers, Suppliers and Contacts

You customers and other contacts are the lifeblood of your business. KasCur PRO CRM manages the companies, their staff and also any individuals you deal with. You can categorise, analyse and filter your customers in many ways, by status, category, who’s dealing with them, etc. Users are notified when records are assigned to them by email.

10 User Defined Fields are available for both Companies and Contacts which you can use (and re-use) to meet your unique requirements. This feature includes the ability to clear data from fields if you wish to re-use them for a different purpose (this should be used with care).

Forecast and Manage sales processes using Opportunities

Use your own sales stages to categorise leads and prospects and forecast your sales by month, sales person, etc. Opportunities enable you to organise each sale, including details of the products involved, prices, margins etc. Charts are provided to help visualise your data.

Manage and Monitor support services

If your support service is vital to your customers then it is important to manage the process effectively. KasCuR Pro can record all incidents (tickets) and any activities associated with them. Tasks can be assigned to particular individuals and the process monitored in terms of time to resolve etc. Email notifications are sent to users when someone assigns a ticket or task to them.

Maintain details of your products

Both sales opportunities and support incidents relate to particular products and KasCur Pro enables you to manage these – including pricing information, photos etc. Again Activities can be used to manage tasks related to products.

Manage your Activities and relate them to customers, contacts etc.

Use the Activities / Task List feature to make sure you don’t forget to deal with your prospects, customer support issues and even suppliers and products. The system can send daily reminder notifications by email showing tasks due and overdue on that day as well as an immediate notification when another user assigns a task to them. Forgetting important tasks is a thing of the past!

Re-Allocate Companies, Contacts, Opportunities and Service Tickets

A process is provided to bulk re-allocate records when staff leave or change roles. For example a sales person may change area and his accounts may need to be allocated to someone else.

The standard version of KasCur Pro is available from the Sharepoint App store or…

KasCur Pro Template Edition

This is a fully customisable version of KasCur Pro with all the features mentioned above. As it is customisable, it is not possible for us to provide regular updates and so the app is purchased for a one off payment. The current price of the Template Edition is just £99 (UK Pounds) and is available through our online store. This price is for a fully multi user system and is less than the cost of two users for a year – and you have full access to modify it!

If you need assistance with either using the app, or customising it, then we can provide online training or customisation services. The rates are shown on our store page – but if you want to discuss your requirements with us then please contact us.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Benefit #1

Integrated Sales and Support CRM

Benefit #2

Template version fully customisable

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