Date:November 30, 2016 10:34 am

KasCur PRO CRM is a fully maintained app covering Sales, Forecasting, Customer Service / Help Desk.

KasCur PRO CRM includes a wide range of features not found in our smaller KasCur app including e-mail notifications, user dashboards, user defined fields for companies and contacts, multiple addresses / locations for companies, and bulk re-assignment of companies, contacts, open opportunities and incomplete service incidents. As one of our ‘PRO’ apps, KasCur PRO CRM is also fully maintained through the app store and users are encouraged to keep in contact with us and we welcome suggestions for enhancements.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Website Url
Company Name Kirkness Associates Limited
Product / Service Page Url
Sales Phone Number 01227 392850
Benefit #1

Manage Customers, Suppliers and Contacts

Benefit #2

Forecast and Manage sales processes using Opportunities

Benefit #3

Manage and Monitor support services