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Simplify the management of your employee information, manage processes such as Absence Requests and Appraisals through Self Service, know who’s on vacation or other leave, keep up to date with your employee’s skills and performance, organise and monitor your training program. KasPer PRO will enable you to manage your team more effectively.

Self Service for Managers and Employees

Your managers and staff will be able to interact with their information through the Self Service options – editing some information and being able to perform processes such as leave requests / approval, manage appraisals online (where you can configure different Appraisal Types and the screen adapts accordingly).

Managers can see the information for members of their teams (determined automatically based upon the reporting structure in the system).

Employee On-boarding and Leaver Checklists

New staff are created in the system using a Wizard like process which takes the user through the essential steps to create the record (including setting up their access rights for Self Service). You can configure multiple On-boarding Checklists which and these are assigned to the Posts (Jobs) within the system so that the correct checklist is used for each role when a new person starts or leaves.

Workflow and Alerting

Self Service and Checklists are supported by email Workflows built into the system. Standard workflows cover a wide range of functionality including:

• Absence Requests / Approvals
• Flexi Time Requests / Approvals
• Overtime Requests / Approvals
• Absence Change Requests
• Online Appraisals / Development Reviews
• Training Booking Confirmation and Training renewals
• On-boarding and Leaver Tasks
• Document review reminders (e.g. visas and driving licences)
• Daily or Weekly reminders of tasks due and overdue

Employee Data Management

Manage information about your employees, including their personal information, contact details, photo, employment details etc.

Organisation structure with Posts and Organisation Units

Maintain details of your organisation including departments, divisions etc. Use Posts to establish the reporting structure and headcount analysis.

Absence and Holiday (Vacation) management

Know who’s off and when and manage sickness and other leave effectively. The system calculates the duration of all absences entered using employee’s working patterns (in both days and hours), taking into account public holidays. Leave entitlements can be accrued weekly, monthly or twice monthly – or can be set for the year. Length of service based rules enable you to automate leave entitlement by years of service as well as automating carry over. Leave years can be fixed or based upon the anniversary of the employee’s start date. The system can deal with many differing schemes, including those where leave entitlement covers both Vacation / Holiday and Sickness – such as PTO schemes in the US.

Training Management

It is vital to monitor the effectiveness of your staff development program. Use KasPer Pro to keep information about all the courses you offer including details of costs, attendees and results. Analyse this information to see which are most effective.

Company Cars

If you have a number of company cars you will understand how much work is involved in their management. Let KasPer Pro help you with this – the system will keep details of all cars and who they are assigned to and when.

Company Property

Unsure who is using a particular phone or laptop? KasPer Pro will keep tabs on company property and who it is assigned to with this module.

Objective Based Assessments and Appraisals

Performance Management is vital if your business is to really succeed. Record and monitor your employee’s appraisals and other assessments including setting and reviewing objectives. With the online features in Self Service, the whole process can be managed within the App.

Skills Management

Your employees’ skills are the lifeblood of your organisation and this app lets you keep a record of these. Use the system to search for individuals with appropriate skills when new projects or roles need to be resourced.

Product Cost

KasPer Pro is priced based upon the number of Current Employee records it is used for. Each employee licence costs £10 (UK Pounds) +VAT in the UK. This cost is a one off and you only need to pay any additional amounts if your headcount increases.

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Office 365
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Benefit #1

Self Service for Managers and Employees

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Employee On-boarding and Leaver Checklists

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Workflow and Alerting

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