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Our Knowledge Management add-in is a customized digital library which is accessible to your employees, partners, customers or anybody having access permissions to it. Users can search, share, add or access important company info whenever and wherever they want.

One can quickly search for information on policies and procedures, FAQ, best practices, document templates, and more with our Knowledge Management tool, compatible with SharePoint 2016 and Office 365! Increase employee productivity, make your teams more self-sufficient, and capture and share key information within your company that enable effective decision making and accelerate company growth. This can also make your customer support backbone even stronger.

Some of the features are:

Organization of data
– Easily organize your company information into categories and subcategories such as departments, projects, or individual tasks.

Document Repository
– Attach documents like text files, images, and spreadsheets with questions, answers or both. Working as a robust document repository, this eliminates duplicate documents and helps to maintain a single copy of the current document with proper versioning.

Powerful Azure search engine
– Powered with Azure search capability, you can easily search for relevant information within seconds. It gives you suggestive and autocorrective search functionality as well.

Add K-assets or ask a question
– With proper user access levels, you can easily define as who all are eligible to ask question and who can answer them. These are easily controlled by user access permissions.

– Either use it in any of the 5 inbuilt languages or easily create your own custom language and use universally.

Personalize the add-in
– Use your company logo, theme and title to brand the add-in and match it with your company culture.

Analytical Dashboards
– See usage pattern of your users. Dashboard gives you complete page, user and keyword search analytics.

Automatic email notification
– Automatic email notifications are sent when any question or answer is updated. One can also customize templates to change messaging as well as turn them off when not required.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Website Url Visit Link Here
Company Name Beyond Technologies
Twitter Account @BeyondIntranet
Product / Service Page Url Visit Link Here
Sales Phone Number 917-913-3415
Download/Trial or Contact Us Link Visit Link Here
Benefit #1

Quickly search knowledge on Policy and Procedure, FAQ,
Best Practices & Document Templates.

Benefit #2

Increased Employee Productivity - make your teams more self-sufficient
Capturing and sharing the key information within your company that enables effective decision making and accelerates company growth.

Benefit #3

Analytics Dashboard

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