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LoyaltyXpert is a SAAS-based platform that enables channel partners, enterprises, and businesses to create and manage loyalty programs using rewards and referral point systems. The software is envisioned to develop a loyalty program that helps businesses increase average order values, raise customer retention, extend lifetime user value, and eventually increase ROI. It provides a perfect blend of functionality, affordability, and flexibility that delivers remarkable results. Moreover, the platform also provides analytical insights that help businesses to determine the buyers’ journey, further customizing rewards that help customers make informed decisions. The solution caters to various industry verticals that include, Ecommerce, Finance, FMCG, Education, Hospitality, Health & Fitness.

Supported Platforms
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Company Name LoyaltyXpert
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Sales Phone Number 7990238718
Benefit #1

Simple yet sophisticated backend platform integrated with a mobile app for total loyalty management.
Create and manage profiles and users the way you want.
Manage customers, products, channels, schemes, run multiple campaigns
Define rules, deploy promotions, track performance and results
Mobile app to engage customers through multiple options in reward and recognition.

Benefit #2

Most simple yet impressive User Interface & Design improvised at regular intervals.
Ease of registration and login with authentication through OTP for security
Inbuilt Scanner programmed for QR code scanning for immediate loyalty accruals with security and accuracy.
Accumulated point balance exclusively visible on the home screen all times to keep track.
Regular updates through notifications, promotional messages as and when shared.

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