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Microsoft Exchange Server is the backbone of messaging service in most of the organizations and works in synchronization with the Active Directory. Hence, management of Microsoft Exchange Server is as important as managing the Windows Active Directory for any administrator. But under the existing management architecture, an administrator has to switch among “ADUC”, “Exchange System Manager”, “Exchange Management Console”, “PowerShell” and “Exchange Management Shell”. Using the native Exchange and Active Directory tools, it is an extremely tedious and taxing task to monitor and control the Windows Active Directory and Exchange to ensure optimum performance. Moreover it is not possible for administrators to manage Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016 servers simultaneously in a single console. Even, allowing help desks to just create mailboxes alone is not viable as the help desk must be granted full organization rights to create mailbox. Also, the existing exchange management console does not provide any support to set mailbox properties like mailbox size, mailbox recipient, mailbox recovery, etc, while creating the mailbox for users. Hence, the need of the hour is a software which implements all these administrative needs into features.

Supported Platforms
Office 365
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Benefit #1

» Active Directory Management
» Bulk User Management
» Active Directory Group Management
» Active Directory Cleanup
» Office365 Management
» Active Directory Reports
» Active Directory User Reports
» AD Logon Reports
» Distribution List Reports
» Office 365 User Provisioning
» MS Exchange Management
» AD Helpdesk Delegation
» Active Directory Automation
» ADManager Plus Mobile Apps
» Office 365 Reports

Benefit #2

» User Logon Reports
» Folder Access Reports
» Distribution List Reports
» AD User Reports
» Group Reports
» AD Last Logon Reports
» Password Reports
» Computer Reports
» Exchange Reports

Benefit #3

» Exchange Management
» Set Mailbox Rights
» Disable/Delete Exchange Mailbox
» Exchange Mailbox Creation
» Exchange Mailbox Migration

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