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Maplytics™ is a Microsoft Preferred Solution and #1 geo-analytical mapping app that enable organizations to visualize and analyze Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse (Power Apps) data on a map, in real-time and on the move. Maplytics offers powerful features like Real-Time Tracking, Automated Appointment Planning, Optimized Route Planning, Radius Search, Truck Routing, Territory Management, Heat Maps, Census, Land Area Mapping, PCF Controls, Multi-Language Support, and much more!

Check Maplytics video for more detail-

1. Radius Search: Perform proximity search on nearby locations with the shortest travel distance and line-of-sight distance.
2. Optimized Routing: Create optimized routes for your reps to meet them with turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps or Waze app.
3. Shape File Integration: Overlay Dynamics data shapefiles, as well as the metadata, included over the geographical boundaries defined by the shape.
4. Location Marketing: Launch marketing campaigns for regions to generate leads and prospects.
5. Map Controls and Dashboards: View Dynamics 365 data right within the CRM without switching screens.
6. Heat Maps: Visualize and analyze the complex density of data spread with Pie-Chart and Column-Charts.
7. Territory Management: Manually or auto-create and analyze Sales territories and distribute them among your reps as well as align territories for even work distribution.
8. Auto Scheduling: Create an automated schedule for multiple reps at once to meet appointments over a span of days with optimized routes.
9. Real-Time Tracking: Track the location of Field Service Reps within Dynamics 365 CRM in real-time.
10. Land Area Mapping: Visualize the land areas for agricultural, residential, commercial properties, etc. on the map.
Available for: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM v8.2 and above, Power Apps/Dataverse and native Dynamics 365 App for Phones and Tablets.
Deployment: Online and On-Premises
Platform: Desktop, Tablet and Phone
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Arabic.

Supported Platforms
Microsoft 365
Power Platform
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Benefit #1

Seamless Bing Maps and Dynamics 365 CRM integration

Benefit #2

A preferred app on Microsoft AppSource with advanced features like Proximity Search, Route Optimization, Check-In/Out, and much more.

Benefit #3

Using Maplytics for maps and Dynamics CRM integration will help you to view CRM data in real-time on the map, manage sales territory, create routes to save mileages & time, increase the productivity of your sales reps, etc.

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