Navo | Managed Bookmarks for the Modern Workplace

Date:April 24, 2020 4:20 am

Employees spend 20% of their day searching for the
information they need. That’s because the tools we use in the modern workplace
are constantly changing. So, we created Navo!

Navo provides a fast, reliable way to access your company resources.
Administrators can manage and instantly publish bookmarks for the entire
organization so that your team is always connected to what matters most.

Secured with the same Office 365 login you already use and
available on SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, on your browser, and on your mobile
devices, Navo makes finding your company tools quick and easy wherever you are.

Give your team back 20% of their day with seamless, global
navigation from Navo!

These videos should prove helpful as well:

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  • Navo Admin Center Tour –
  • Kyle Explains Navo –

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
Website Url
Company Name Regroove
Twitter Account @regroove_inc
Product / Service Page Url
Sales Phone Number 250-220-4575
Download/Trial or Contact Us Link
Benefit #1

Never leave your intranet - Navo makes your company bookmarks available wherever you’re working. Keep your team in sync across the web and in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Benefit #2

Find your tools fast - Ensure your team has fast, reliable access to what matters most. Navo works everywhere, so your team can access your stuff wherever they are, on whatever device they’re using.

Benefit #3

Designed for Office 365 - Centralized administration provides one place to govern a consistent navigation experience for everyone using your Office 365 accounts. With security trimming, integrations for SharePoint Online and On-Premises, and a plugin for Microsoft Teams, Navo easily becomes part of your Office 365 tools.