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Display your company hierarchy in SharePoint style.
Beyond Intranet’s Organizational chart is the SharePoint add-in which helps to showcase any company’s hierarchy from top to bottom in an attractive flowchart format. This creates a clear visual depiction of the hierarchy and ranks of different people, jobs, and departments that make up the organization.

Employees across the organization are categorized into various departments and organizational chart helps to set up the reporting pattern or define roles of employees in a transparent manner. Employee names are depicted in the flowchart with information like name, designation, department and profile picture. This information is automatically picked up from SharePoint user profile details.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Website Url Visit Link Here
Company Name Beyond Technologies
Twitter Account @BeyondIntranet
Product / Service Page Url Visit Link Here
Sales Phone Number 917-913-3415
Benefit #1

Features of our organizational chart are as follows:

1. Easy syncing of employee’s information from SharePoint user profile.

2. Showing profile pictures, name, department, and designation

3. Filtering employees easily based on departments

4. Exporting all data to Excel in one easy click

5. Viewing the chart in your desired format like vertical or horizontal.

6. Easily assigning alternate departments or managers to the same employee

7. Clickable department links to filtering out department hierarchy

8. Separately showing employees who have no reporting managers

9. Excluding employees using Excluded Users Name

10. User-based access on Configuration section

11. Different tile color to show employee listed in multiple departments

12. Excluding any department easily

13. Department Mapping enabling you to start hierarchy from any department

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