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The Saketa Employee Onboarding application is a cross functional SharePoint add-in that is designed to bring structure to the onboarding process. The add-in is built as the hub for all your onboarding activity and is the single touch point for the HR team, the prospective employee and the Operations team, and this allows for co-ordination to ensure that the employee can focus on his work from his first day on the job.  Importantly, the application aims to promote transparency and compliance by maintaining an audit history of each employee onboarded onto the system, with important information such as who onboarded the employee and who approved the allotment of various assets to the employee.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Company Name Saketa
Twitter Account @saketadotcom
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Sales Phone Number (206)-669-6828
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Benefit #1

Collaborate and coordinate with your colleagues in other teams to ensure that the prospective employee has a terrific first day. The HR, Manager, IT and Operations team can distribute and streamline the work to ensure that the onboarding process is completed in an orderly and hassle free manner

Benefit #2

Ensure transparency and legal compliance. Every important touch point for each employee is captured, and this audit history can be viewed at a later point in time.

Benefit #3

Use the HR Dashboard to check your resource pipeline and effectively plan your staffing needs for the coming months based on the number of projects coming up.

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