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The Saketa Intranet Suite is the perfect solution for an organization to achieve its digital transformation goals. Built on Microsoft’s latest (SPFx) framework, our unique offering for SharePoint and O365 includes up to 25 engaging widgets, various layouts and designs, to cater a group of customers with varied branding specifications, and everything else needed to setup an impressive, responsive, easy to manage Intranet in a matter of minutes without any development effort from the customer.

With the Saketa Intranet Suite, create an intranet experience tailored to suit the ever growing demands of the millennial user. Broadcast important news with the Announcements widget, or display the emergency contacts using the Contacts widget. Get feedback on any organizational or departmental initiative using the
Feedback widget or conduct a poll to choose your company’s new branding logo using the Quick Poll widget. Allow employees to follow your social media chatter using our Yammer or Twitter widgets.

Use the Saketa Intranet Suite to give each employee a personalized page with widgets tailored to help boost their productivity exponentially. With the Saketa Intranet Suite, employees have the benefit of not storing their information in silos, and can now bring all their work-related information onto a single page. This saves them the time of logging into multiple applications. Each employee’s personalized page could contain a My Tasks widget, containing all the tasks that were assigned to him, along with a priority indicator to help him or her prioritize the tasks accordingly. With the My Mail widget, allow the user to sync his emails right to his email account, and with the Teams widget, sync all the Team conversations in one place. You also have the My Documents widget, that syncs
all the files in your One Drive for Business.

Overall, the Saketa Intranet Suite is a great vehicle of employee engagement in the mobile first, cloud first world of today. It helps employees not only collaborate effectively but also to sync up, stay engaged with the happenings and be more productive in their professional lives.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
OneDrive for Business
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Company Name Saketa
Twitter Account @saketadotcom
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Sales Phone Number (206)-669-6828
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Benefit #1

The Saketa Intranet Suite offers upto 40 beautifully designed widgets that together provide an incredible user experience, leading to high engagement levels in the organisation. These widgets have been developed after extensive user research, and cover the core functionalities present in over 90% of the intranets worldwide.

Benefit #2

Deployment of your intranet will be completed in just a few minutes. Once you finalize the sites and pages, we can deploy the entire solution in just a few minutes, making this the only truly instant intranet in the world.

Benefit #3

The Saketa Intranet Suite is a completely responsive intranet solution that leverages the latest Microsoft SharePoint framework (SPFx). This allows us to deliver a seamless intranet experience across devices.

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