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skybow Rich Forms provides a powerful editor enabling you to design dynamic SharePoint ListForms with business logic as easily and flexibly as adding content to a publishing page or writing formulas in an Excel sheet.

Adding richly formatted information in forms, grouping fields, changing layout or positioning fields is all easily doable with skybow Rich Forms. Using the powerful expression language and custom actions to implement your business logic, you are able to do more with SharePoint lists than you ever imagined possible. Of course, this can all be done in your browser and without any programming.

Key features:

– Freely customize the edit, display or new forms of your SharePoint lists
– Flexibly move around form fields and combine vertical, horizontal, collapsible and tabbed groups to create the layout you need
– Insert an editable grid to provide quick entry options for related items – even when creating items
– Use powerful expression-based calculations to set initial field values or even recalculate values while the user edits the form
– Dynamically hide or disable fields, groups or other elements depending on complex conditions
– Configure actions on buttons or links to send mails, update list items, start workflows, show messages, open web pages, call web services and much more
– Easily define complex validation rules and set required fields dynamically depending on what the user enters
– Filter lookup fields based on static values or other input fields
– Embed a document library view to organize documents in an automatically generated unique folder per parent item
– Use an app part to embed the form on any page in the site collection
– Use rich text editing to add freely formatted text, tables, links, images or other media
– Embed any web part inside your form
– Customize forms for external content types (BCS)
– Revert to an older version of your customized form
– See the result while designing using the WYSWYG editor in your browser
– Seamlessly integrated into SharePoint forms using the content editor web part
– Keeps the SharePoint look and feel that users are familiar with
– Use it in your on-premise SharePoint 2013 or in your SharePoint Online sites
– No external site or tool needed – all in your browser

skybow Rich Forms makes entering business data more user-friendly. Design the forms to reflect custom – – business logic and make their experience as easy and productive as possible. Show your users the information they want and provide them with the actions they need.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Benefit #1

Add business logic to your SharePoint without programming.!

Benefit #2

Works with your existing solution!

Benefit #3

30 days free trial!

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