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Easily move data and documents to SharePoint using Excel

  • Leverage the power of Excel data manipulation with SharePoint 
  • Legacy data migration to SharePoint
  • Archive and restore SharePoint list items
  • Mass updates of SharePoint lists columns using Excel
  • Move or copy data between SharePoint sites
  • Migrate document file shares to SharePoint libraries
  • Easy to set up and use; designed for business power users
  • Supports SharePoint on Office 365 and On-Premise

SP DataManager brings Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Excel together to provide a powerful data migration, update, and archive tool. Go beyond the simple import capabilities in native SharePoint. Now you can use Microsoft Excel and SharePoint together like never before. With SP DataManager, an Excel add-in, you can use Excel to scrub, clean, and map your data to a target SharePoint list or library.

Designed for business power users, you can use Excel data manipulation functions, and then map cleaned data into your SharePoint lists and libraries. SP DataManager overcomes the limitations of SharePoint by allowing you to update, insert, and append data to SharePoint lists.


Migrate Data from SharePoint to SharePoint
Need to move content after a SharePoint upgrade? Need to move content between SharePoint applications? SP DataManager makes it easy. With this powerful tool you can retrieve exactly the items you need from your source list, clean, change or manipulate the data in Excel, and then map and upload the data to your target list(s). The uploaded data can insert, update or append the new items in the target list.Bring in Data to SharePoint from Other Data Sources
Deploying a new solution or application in SharePoint? Need to bring in data from a legacy or back office application? Data migration or update is easy with SP DataManager. Just drag the columns from your SharePoint list into Excel and map your data export to the target columns. Hit the Migrate button and you’re done. Your data can be appended to an existing list or new list.Migrate Documents to SharePoint Libraries
Need to migrate documents into SharePoint Libraries? SP DataManager makes that easy too.   With SP DataManager’s document migration features, you can build a list of documents by selecting them from file folders and then populate the target library metadata fields in Excel. Hit Document Migrate and all the documents will be created in the library with metadata columns populated as well. It’s a great way to move from a file share model to a metadata structure.Download, Clean and Update SharePoint List Data
Have you changed a SharePoint list status drop down? Have duplicate items or added a new list column you need to populate? Now you can use the power of Excel to make mass changes to SharePoint list data. Download just some or all of your required items from SharePoint to Excel. Use Excel’s powerful functions such as “Replace All” or “Find Duplicates” to clean up data. Finish by selecting “update” on your SP DataManager ribbon. Your SharePoint list data is cleaned and ready.Use Excel as a List Archive
Have a list with over 5000 items that is causing issues? Or, just need to archive items to a history log? SP DataManager allows you to download filtered items that meet your archive criteria and delete them from the list. Easily create historic reports and charts from the data in Excel. You can put the Excel workbook into a SharePoint document library for access online. Need to restore one or more items? SP Data Manager allows you to selectively restore archived items back to your SharePoint list at any time.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
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Benefit #1

Easily move data and documents to SharePoint using Excel

Benefit #2

Leverage the power of Excel data manipulation with SharePoint

Benefit #3

Archive and restore SharePoint list items

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