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  • Take Excel and SharePoint integration beyond simple imports and exports
  • Capture and map data from Excel directly into a SharePoint list
  • Populate Excel spreadsheet cells from SharePoint list data
  • Map workbook cells to SharePoint list columns
  • Use existing expense reports and time sheets for input to lists
  • Generate quotes, proposals and project reports from list data
  • Automate business processes and kick off workflows
  • Save rekeying time in sales, reporting and forms generation
  • Set up once and distribute run-time to users 
  • Easy to set up and use; designed for business users
  • Supports SharePoint on Office 365 and On-premise

SP Excalibur brings Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Excel together to provide a powerful data capture and worksheet generation tool. Now you can use Microsoft Excel and SharePoint together like never before. Capture data in SharePoint and kick off workflows from Excel to automate business processes. Pull data from SharePoint lists into Excel to populate calculation intensive reports and forms.

Data Capture From Excel

Take Excel and SharePoint integration beyond simple imports. For years businesses have used Excel workbooks as a way to capture business data for business processes, such as expense reporting, time sheets, purchase requests and more. Often though these spreadsheets were emailed in manual workflow methods for approval and then data rekeyed to roll up to reports. To replace the manual workflow, and re-keying, organizations are looking to SharePoint to automate the business process. However, SharePoint forms are not designed for line item input and calculations. Often users rejected the awkward change in form data entry.

SP Excalibur, an Excel add-in, now enables the best of both systems. Users can continue to use Excel for data entry and that data can be captured into a SharePoint list where automated workflows can be established. By creating SharePoint list data, organizations can take advantage of the powerful workflows and reporting features in SharePoint.

Transfer Data From SharePoint Lists Into Excel

Now you can populate existing Excel Spreadsheets with SharePoint list data. From the Excel spreadsheet, select the SharePoint list item, click submit and have the spreadsheet or Excel form populated with data from the item. Imagine being able to create sales quotes or proposals right from your prospect list data by opening up an Excel template, selecting the prospect company and clicking submit. SP Excalibur accesses SharePoint to gather the mapped list data to automatically create the quote! With this powerful new capability you can fill out forms, generate reports or use it for batch data sharing between systems.

Easy-to-use Data Mapper 

Using the Mapper tool, business power users can connect Excel workbooks to SharePoint lists and map cells to SharePoint columns. SP Excalibur Mapper allows organizations to utilize the existing formula and macro capabilities of Excel and to then submit the result data to SharePoint with great ease. A single mapping can submit and transfer data to and from multiple lists across multiple SharePoint sites and versions simultaneously. Mappings can be preset by an administrator and then saved within the relevant workbook. Users simply open a workbook, fill in the data and submit it with a single click. Best of all, users can submit workbooks from Excel without having to be in SharePoint!

SP Excalibur Mapper is ideal for use by nontechnical staff, reducing training costs associated with using SharePoint across the entire business. Operations such as Expenses, Time sheets, Task scheduling, financial calculations and reporting and many others can easily be implemented with a minimum of training for end users.

SP Excalibur is used in SP Business Suite in run-time mode delivering predefined form templates, and is available as a full featured mapping tool for those organizations that wish to set up their own form mappings.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
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Benefit #1

Capture and map data from Excel directly into a SharePoint list

Benefit #2

Populate Excel spreadsheet cells from SharePoint list data

Benefit #3

Bi-Directional Excel SharePoint Data transfer

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