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Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams aims to allow companies to keep control over their internal structures, while still enabling users to keep the freedom of creating new Teams. Teams Manager offers a user-friendly, fully Teams-integrated process for creating new Teams based on complex pre-defined templates.

Each template is an individual file with all the information the Team will need – channels, tabs, permissions, settings, apps and so on. When a request for a new Microsoft Team is sent, an authorization process is started automatically. An automated approval workflow forwards the request to a pre-defined person to grant or deny approval.

In short, Teams Manager offers everything for awesome Teams Management:
– Complex templates with e.g. predefined channels, tabs and apps
– Teams Governance with approval process and more
– Update the master templates without IT support
– Synchronize changes to all existing Teams with just a click
– Add naming conventions for better overview
– Lifecycle Management: add information on archiving and deletion
– Add metadata to your Teams
– Structure right from the start – provide your users with preconfigured templates and improve collaboration

Get started in just 15 minutes. Simply install the app from Teams store and start requesting Teams with just one click!

Supported Platforms
Office 365
Microsoft 365
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Benefit #1

Administration is more effective: Teams Manager helps you keep control of your Teams. Updates and changes to a template can be synchronized to all existing Teams with a simple click of a button. Governance and lifecycle features like naming conventions and archive/delete dates ensure a better overview.

Benefit #2

Teams Manager increases the efficiency of processes by saving time: Employees from within a department can create new Teams by themselves internally. In addition, the high maintenance effort of numerous project Teams is reduced.

Benefit #3

It provides higher flexibility: Customer and project requirements can be implemented immediately; no time-consuming detours are necessary. The master template can be adapted flexibly and on short notice, without IT support.

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