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Create Office 365 Alerts & email reminders using conditions, settings for scheduling and email templates!

SharePoint Alerts Add-in for Office 365 sends alerts and notifications from SharePoint Online via email and builds a flexible notification system on your SharePoint site.


  • Office 365 alerts can be sent to a specific user or a group of Office 365 users within a specified timetable (i.e., hourly, daily, weekly, only within business hours — from 8 AM to 5 PM. or at any other specific schedule). All alerts can then be combined into a single ticket, instead of being sent in several email messages.

  • With Office 365 alerts add-in, you can create complex terms and conditions for sending alerts in Office 365. An example would be for you to receive Office 365 notifications when a column value or status changes, your task is overdue or a document is updated.

  • You are able to create the reminder even for recurrent events within seconds. The Office 365 alerts add-in enables users to use different text styles in the HTML-based template body, add pictures, tabs and links. And customizable email templates for Office 365 would allow you to create alerts using just a couple clicks.

  • With queue feature you can always track which alerts have to be sent soon or which have been sent already.

  • You can send alerts immediately, daily, weekly or based on the field value of the date in your list, send alerts X days before or after certain date of the date field value.


Office 365 Alerts Add-in allows users to always be on schedule, effectively work on their tasks and ensure any important events are not missed anymore! And it also integrates perfectly with Microsoft Teams! You can relate Virto SharePoint Alerts with your Teams and keep your colleagues informed about any corporate changes: when you receive a purchase order and need your team to check it instantly; when you welcome a new teammate or it’s someone’s birthday; when you remind your colleagues to prepare a business trip report. You just set a connection between Virto SharePoint Alerts and your Teams, and a flexible notification system is ready to go.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Benefit #1

Create, edit, enable or disable, remove alerts, and allocate users’ permissions within a single UI, providing security and control.

Benefit #2

Every meaningful change, made to a SharePoint library or list, may work as a trigger, which sends an auto email alert to SharePoint users and external recipients. The Office 365 Alerts and Reminders app tracks all list item changes, using a field-value condition. You can set a specific notification schedule for each list. Alerts can be sent out immediately, or at certain times as daily and weekly SharePoint alert summary emails. For recurring events, email alerts can also be scheduled.

Benefit #3

The Virto Alerts and Reminders app allows users to receive Office 365 tasks email notifications on a regular basis. Multiple Office 365 user notifications can be merged into a single summary email, and sent out daily, or weekly. Office 365 workflow reminders can be sent to a certain user or a user list following a set schedule, like daily, weekly, at a specific hour, before or after the date specified in a Office 365 list field.

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