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Office 365 Kanban Board Add-in is a convenient tool for task management, which visualizes and filters tasks in SharePoint Online. With this Add-in you can display any SharePoint task list in Kanban Board view, where Kanban cards show what and how much should be produced, as well as when. With SharePoint Kanban Board Add-in for Office 365, also known as SharePoint task manager, you can easily monitoring  workload to reveal bottlenecks. Furthermore, many additional filters of SharePoint Kanban Board Add-in help you to analyze and correct work process and optimize resources. Now you can also use Virto Kanban Board in MS Teams! Create and manage tasks as usual in Teams, and set up board settings in SharePoint.

Supported Platforms
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Company Name Virtosoftware
Twitter Account @virtosoftware
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Benefit #1

The Virto Kanban Board App visualizes SharePoint tasks on colorful and convenient scrum boards. Each SharePoint list item is displayed as a highly customizable kanban card. Horizontal and vertical lanes represent steps of a project. Create and adjust new boards in minutes with a few simple steps.

Kanban email notifications allow your team to track when something was changed on a board. For example, when a task was moved to the next stage or due date was changed.

Benefit #2

You can color-code kanban cards according to custom conditions (such as users, project, urgency, and any other conditions). It’s possible to specify body color, color marker, and even add labels (tags) on cards.

You can select fields to be displayed on cards, attach or display images, add files attachments, even the card title may be displayed with different options: you can show from 1 to 3 fields as card name. And you can edit all these fields right on a card!

Benefit #3

MS Teams integration. If you have a customized Virto Kanban board in your SharePoint, you can add it to MS Teams as a separate tab. This way, you don’t need to switch between your SharePoint site and a Teams to manage tasks.

The Kanban boards on Teams inherit user permissions from SharePoint and are invisible for external users in Teams.

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