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Who else wants to hit Optimum Productivity?

But did you know that you and your employees waste about an hour of their time a day by navigating between apps?

This increases to about a third of a working day if you consider customer support or sales.

Can you imagine how much you miss out on, by not eliminating this time-suck?

Not to mention the wasted focus and energy that takes a bigger and bigger toll on your productivity with every single passing day.

But Microsoft Teams could be the solution to this – if you could use it for calling!

It has incredible functionality and integrational capability.
But does Business Voice give you the reliability and functionality that other companies have with their AI-equipped enterprise phone systems?

We do.

Integrating Magic Fusion, our cloud PBX with UCaaS functionality into Microsoft Teams is an easy option to convert the collaboration app you can handle everything with in a streamlined way.

We solve your pain of distracted work by streamlining your telephony-related tasks with Microsoft Teams.

– Our cloud PBX enables you to handle your calling directly from the Teams app and dialpad.

– We supercharge your telephony. We offer not only call recording, but transcriptions and both recorded and real time sentiment analysis along with intelligent IVR with the power of AI.

– We integrate with any SaaS app and CRM, makig your workflows require close to zero manual input and enablig your workers to dedicate themselves to their most important tasks.

– With us, you are protected from Microsoft 365 outages. We run on US hospital-compliant infrastructure with a total uptime above 99.999%. If M365 fails, you can fall back on a PBX-UCaaS with feature-rich video collaboration functions, and a distributed global architecture.

– We interconnect your multinational operations from office to factory. Our global coverage and better-than carrier-grade reliability and quality will be your global backbone beyond Teams’ limits.

– We support an infinite number of seats with no performance loss.

Explore freedom and resilience beyond the limits of Microsoft 365, while keeping its incredible functionality – integrate Magic Fusion into Teams.

To begin your journey to Optimum Phone Performance, book a free consultation where we discuss how we can help: meetigs.hubspot.com/balint-holecz

Supported Platforms
Office 365
Microsoft 365
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Benefit #1

Optimum Productivity.
Eliminate uselss navigation time between the phone and Teams, and all your other apps, by integrating Microsoft Teams with a functional PBX that is capable of integrating it all.

Benefit #2

Protected from Microsoft Outages.
You will make sure you don't lose valuable time with service outages.
You opt for a service with a proven track record in uptime-crucial environments, and functionality that can completely replace Teams' communications if you were to lose the service.

Benefit #3

Keep the functionality of M365, but transcend its limits.

Magic Fusion can be deployed where Teams can't. You will be able to connect everyone from office to frontline, and we can support your growth to infinity as we scale without limits and performance loss.

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