Best Contextual Help Solutions For Sharepoint

This section offers solutions and services to help you use SharePoint more effectively. You will find vendors offering ways to make your Office365, SharePoint 2013, 2010 and environment multilingual, as well as ways to improve accessibility and usability (through easy to use Help systems and solutions).

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Deliver documents as user-enabling knowledge In most businesses, sharing knowledge still consists of overwhelming users with passive access to oceans of documents. After a search engine has narrowed t

Content Panda for SharePoint provides users guidance in their day-to-day tasks by offering a variety of in-context training materials to match their learning preference. Whether they’re submitting a

WalkMe is one of the largest in-context training solutions out there and as part of their offering they have developed “WalkMe for SharePoint”. As you’d expect it integrates nicely w

Easily create and share learnings with Guidiance With Guidiance you can easily create learnings or use learnings from our library. Get started directly with professional learnings on different topics

Thoroughly training SharePoint end users is a waste of time. It’s just not effective and never works! Instead, provide users the context sensitive, on-demand help they need when they need it. Th